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Mateusz Kępka


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Mateusz Kępka won the World Cup in artistic hairdressing

Vice-champion of the World Cup in Japan 2019, European Champion in the Evening Style 2017 competition, European Vice-champion in the Evening Style Artistic 2018 competition, five-time Polish Champion, winner of the fifth place in Europe in the Gran Premio Dell’Elleganza-Acconciatura Raccolta 2018 competition (Salon Evening Hairstyle). A student of the prestigious and distinguished De Vajan Academy, in the profession for 14 years, I have taught many Polish Champions.

Worldwide • since 1991

My story

The owner of the Hairdressing Workshop Wyczesani in Gdynia spent a week in Japan, where, in addition to the competition itself, he participated in training and shows. - The World Cup is a less utilitarian fashion - haute couture, hairstyles are highly developed, and the level of hairdressing masters is equal to - he says in an interview with us. - I competed in two categories: artistic wedding hairstyle and artistic evening hairstyle. Of course, there were also competitions in salon hairdressing, but I like to set the bar as high as possible.

In 2016, at the Polish Championships, he was spotted by a Russian legend, Mkhitaryan Vazha. He is one of the most outstanding masters of hairdressing in the world. - He was the only one who came up to me and congratulated me on my hairstyle. - emphasizes Mateusz. Today, Vazha is the vice-president of the CMC federation, which brings together hairdressers all over the world, and Kępka starts from it as a representative of Poland. But not only foreign experts left their mark on his style. He took his first steps with Henryk Mosiejko, a well-known and respected master from Wejherowo. - I practiced there, it was he who instilled in me a passion for hairdressing - he adds. - To become a good specialist, you have to find a demanding teacher. There is a lot of competition in the community, when I applied for internships, 30 other people were waiting for me.

He also worked in Manchester and Kraków, but as he himself points out, clients persuaded him to return to the seaside and open his own workshop. Currently, he has five young adepts in the art of hairdressing, and a manager thanks to whom the schedule is scheduled for a year ahead. She believes that in beautiful Gdynia you can fulfill yourself as a hairdresser, and clients in Poland are more aware of their hair, which sets the bar even higher for us hairdressers. His workshop combines modern craftsmanship with the principles of the old school. In designing a hairstyle, the most important thing is spatial imagination - geometry, angles, i.e. pure mathematics - he says. - It is often millimeters that determine a successful hairstyle. This profession requires a great deal of self-discipline, but it is the only way to become a good professional.

He has been working in the profession for 14 years. He made most of the interior design elements of his workshop by himself, a wash basin made of a car gearbox, a scissors stand made of a "timing wheel". It happens that my clients come in slippers from an apartment in the same building, but also come for years by train 400 km from another part of Poland. - The only valid advertisement is a very good job which translates into word of mouth. - he says. - I wanted to postpone the creation of the workshop due to competitions and trainings, but it turned out that I can combine running my own business with participation in competitions all over the world.